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The power of two minds together can accomplish much more than one mind alone. Two minds, working in harmony, produce a synergistic energy that creates a new unlimited reality out of purpose, vision and intention.

The importance of being mentored by super conscious people cannot be undervalued. There is an undefinable value in accessing infinite wisdom and experience and a power accessed only from the direct and purposeful mentoring relationship.

Pay close attention to the quality of thinking and aspirations of those you associate with. Most people prefer and unconsciously choose to be with those who do not challenge their thinking. It’s easier, more comfortable and less hassle. As a result they find themselves stuck in the same level of consciousness and therefore are creating the same circumstances, situations, relationships and financial situations over and over in their external world.

What do you and your associates talk about?

Below average people talk about other people.

Average people talk about things, events and past circumstances, watch the news and negative world conditions and in doing so affirm that the conditions of the world control their reality and success.

Above average people talk about ideas and concepts, read good books and in doing so affirm that their own success is dependent upon learning and applying the right ideas.

Super conscious and successful people talk about ideals, visions, purpose and possibility and in doing so experience that their own success and expansion derives from tapping in and connecting with a universal mind; an infinite, limitless, powerful, intelligent mind that holds The Key to their own personal and corporate power.

If  you had the opportunity to be mentored by a super successful and conscious person as your personal advisors, teaching and mentoring you to connect and ‘tap in’, supporting you to become all that you are capable of becoming and mentoring you to achieve the fulfilment of your potential –Would you take it?

Would you follow the guidance of someone who has  achieved huge levels of expansion, success, personal fulfilment and happiness?

Would you? If not NOW then WHEN?

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What you should expect.

  • 4 x  One to One Meetings (Quarterly)
  • 2 X Skype Check-in calls
  • Duration 12 months

What will you unlock.

  • A holistic appraisal of where you are at and where you desire to be.
  • A truthful review of where you are right now and what has been holding you back.
  • Expanded self-awareness.
  • Clarity of your vision, purpose and intentions.
  • Insights and inspiration into inspired role models and leaders.
  • Visionary skills development on every level.
  • Improved capability.
  • An increased awareness of other people’s behaviour in relation to you and how to respond (or not respond!)
  • The Creation Process to unlock your full potential.
  • A trusted Mentor to confide in.
  • Skype communications.

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Christine McGrory Founder of The Key, Winner of The Global Woman Inspiration Award 2018, Award winning Mentor, successful entrepreneur, scientist, author, inspired speaker & trustee of her own charity.

Winner of The Global Woman Inspiration Award 2018 – Christine has in the past been voted one of Scotland’s most influential women by the Glasgow Herald, a finalist in The Glasgow Awards and proposed for the Glasgow Herald’s Inspiring City Awards. She was voted; Business Women Scotland’s Business Mentor of the Year and ‘One of the most influential people in personal development’ by The Best You Organisation.

Having held senior positions within Scottish Power Retail Division, leaving to set up a chain of childcare centres to support working parents, Christine understands how to over come the challenges of balancing ambition, success and life.

Practising and teaching a variety of transformational leadership approaches developed from world-class teachers, with a MSc in Corporate Leadership, a BSc in Chemistry and Christine is uniquely positioned to understand and teach the spirit and science behind personal, business and corporate success. Her acclaimed Leadership and Mentoring Programmes ‘Creating Leaders on Every Level’ has supported many business leaders to realise their own organisations and leadership ambitions.

Her transformational programmes; The Key, Unlock Mentoring, The Key to Health and Wellbeing, FOR LIFE and The Key Corporate are widely acclaimed throughout the UK as ‘Creative Genius’.

Christine’s first book, ‘Grace’ is an Amazon 5 star best seller and has inspired people across the planet to think and dream big.

She promotes confidence, ambition and aspiration and above all she champions the growth of the individual. Of her awards Christine says ‘Working with people in all walks of life , at every level and from every sector of industry, simply reinforces my view that we are all powerhouses of potential no matter our background. Empowering and inspiring people to make change is my purpose and I am privileged for being recognised for doing something I love.’

The Key Corporate – evolved from a demand from business leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs who had experienced the public programme and appreciated the power of the content to, inform, impact and transform their organisations and businesses. ‘The Corporate and Executive Mentoring  Programmes clearly demonstrates to teams and leaders that there is another way of operating and ‘being’. Growth, expansion and prosperity are within the grasp of every business person no matter is happening in the external environment. Success starts from ‘within’ and The Key simply teaches the ‘know how’.

Recognised by the Queen for her work in the community and as a Trustee of her Charity, The Institute of Creation, Christine volunteers her services by delivering The Key to the most challenged people, and community groups in the country.



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