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Coaching Structure

Coaching Structure

As The Key is a journey, we have created The Key Coaching Training as a journey.

  1. As a learning journey for you – this course will deepen your understanding of The Key from Curiosity to Vision and everything in between, making you confident in your subject matter and your coaching ability.
  2. It will also represent the client Key Coaching journey, because every session of your course will be a potential route for you to take your client. The Key Coaching Course is quite literally the sequence for The Key Coaching sessions that you will deliver to clients.
  3. Because of this structure, you will become aware that you have the potential to help you attract and keep your client engaged for potentially up to 6 months and beyond.
  4. In your training sessions you will experience:

1) 1-3 key SESSIONS through role play  

2) you will get the chance to practice them with your fellow coaches

3)  We will then give you an assignment based on learning them.  

This again is exactly how your client will experience coaching from you too.

  •  The heart of The Key is The Creation Process, so this is the process that winds it’s way through the full journey. This is greatest value is to YOU. As you are the creation here.
  • Session by session, day by day, week and month by month, you will be re-creating yourself, using this training as a catalyst to become a greater version of yourself and ultimately to become an inspired, inspiring and financially successful Key Coach.
  • And you guessed it. This is exactly how your client will experience Key Coaching from you.

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