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02. The One Word

02. The One Word

Now that you understand The Power of Intentions, we are going to combine intention with the power of words. At the Key® we learn that words are energetic, vibrational and creative.  The purpose of this exercise is for you to choose ONE WORD that will be an energetic catalyst that has the potential to be a force of creative good in your year.

To help you understand, last year for example; I chose the word ‘COMPLETION’. As I entered the year there were quite a few projects that I had not completed and they were frustrating me. At The Key we discover that negative emotions keep us stuck and are the very energy that stop us completing! This is why I chose the word ‘completion’ as my focus.

A year on and having now completed these projects, I am free to move forward. This year I have chosen the word ‘EXPANSION’ as this word will now help me to build on the foundations I have created and also expand my horizons.

You can choose your word from any and every part of your life; for example; health, money, relationships, career, love etc.

The ONE WORD that you choose works with The Key Creation Process ® which has three steps;

  1. The Desire (Thought/Word)
  2. The Feeling (Energy/Emotions)
  3. The Belief (Perceptions)

All three parts of the process work together to create your desired outcome.

This is The Key’s powerful Creation Process® which you set it in motion when you choose your ONE WORD. As this is true, it is vitally important that you choose your word deliberately, consciously and mindfully.

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