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2. The Abundance Game

2. The Abundance Game

The point of this game is to expand your ability to receive, create and utilise wealth using The Creation Process.

Your focus and intention is on raising your vibration to align you with receiving and experiencing large sums of money and in doing so, expand your general and wealth consciousness.

​The Key is to connect emotionally, as though you already are receiving and spending it in real life.

 The Abundance Game:

  1. Day 1- Imagine that you are receiving £1,000 from The Universe for you to spend exactly as you wish. Think about what you’d like to spend the money on, and go ahead and spend it in your imagination and then write it on a Key cheque with a message of gratitude on the back.
  2. Day 2 – Imagine receiving £2,000. Spend all of it again, exactly as you desire and write another cheque.
  3. Day 3 – you receive £3,000. Spend it in your imagination and then write it on a Key cheque with a message of gratitude on the back.
  4. Play this game for a minimum of 30 days
  5. Or as long as you wish but no less than 30 days.
  6. Create an ‘Abundance Wallet’ to store your Abundance cheques.

NB. If you experience resistance to £1000 you could start with £100 and double this amount each day.

​As you continue to play this daily, it will be a very revealing mental exercise, revealing to you exactly where you are vibrationally in relation to money and abundance.

Remember the purpose of the game is to help you experience flow and energy which will ultimately be transmuted into abundance, if you commit to it deliberately.

Often the idea of spending on yourself can be uncomfortable, we prefer to deflect onto others feeling ashamed that we would consider ourselves worthy. We may have bee restricted financially for a while or in dent and all of these experiences can cause abundance blocks. The Key is to unlock these blocks to experience your birth right of a fulfilled and happy life of abundance.

Observe how you feel as this will give you a very accurate indication of your power to attract, create or receive money.

You may experience many different emotions for example: resistance to spending. Doubt in the validity of the game. Feelings of greed or selfishness. You might think it’s silly and childish or nonsense. You might not like the idea of  you getting money with the belief that it takes form someone else.  You might even discover that other people’s beliefs and thoughts around money have also restricted you. You may also realise that you yourself have restricted flow.

The great news is with The Key’s Creation Process you can create great feelings around abundance and you owe that to yourself. 

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