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Awareness Meditation

Awareness Meditation

Ask Your Client

Would you like to experience expanded levels of awareness right now?

Okay let me guide you through The Awareness Mediation which is one of the favourite meditations at The Key.



CLOSE YOUR EYES and become aware of yourself and where you are right now. 

Now expand your awareness to you and your immediate surroundings, the room you are in.

What do you see as you observe yourself? 

Now expand your awareness to you being beyond the room looking down onto the building you are in, and how does that feel?

What do you see from there? 

Now expand yourself awareness to moving away from the building and you looking down on the city where the building is –you see the building as a tiny block. 

Now expand your awareness to the country that your city is in and see the shape of the city and the borders of the country. 

Now expand your awareness to you in outer space and seeing the country as part of a continent and as part of the world. 

Stay there a while and feel yourself weightlessness and you as part of the Universe and how does that feel? 

Now slowly travel back to the world, the continent, the country, the city, the building, the room and you. 

Gently open your eyes when you are ready.

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