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See the magic of life through the eyes of a child. Be curious.
Curiosity is an emotion related to the natural inquisitive behaviour such as exploration, investigation and learning. As an emotion it represents the drive to know new things and is the major driving force behind any new discoveries, inventions, ideas and creation.
So naturally at The Key, this is where our adventure and the magic begins.
When we are curious we get excited by the unknown, instead of being frightened of it. In actual fact it is not the unknown that we fear, but the loss of the known.
When we get excited our energy and vibration increases, and when we are in a higher level of energy, we open ourselves up to opportunities; information, incredible synchronicities and magical people come into our lives, just at the right time.
The opposite of curiosity is apathy or disinterest and that state of being closes us down. When we think about this from an emotional point of view then we realise that these emotions or states of being are low energy, and so we get “stuck” and have little or no movement.
Curiosity is a vibrant emotion with lots of energy and moves us forward.

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