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Grace Extract

Grace Extract


She pondered how the words had come to her so effortlessly. I suppose it is no surprise, in fact it was deliberate… Deliberate Creation.

Each night before she had begun to write a chapter, she performed a little ceremony. She lit a scented candle and played some peaceful music. She would then meditate on her Vision Wall, set clear intentions and Ask that the perfect words would flow easily through her. She would close her eyes and breathe gently as words, images and ideas streamed to her from the space where all possibilities exist. She knew this place, she had recently been there.

I have proven The Creation Process. “The Book” started as a blank sheet of paper. A space to create. I had a clear vision of my desire and I believed with all my heart that it was possible. I trusted that I was fulfilling my purpose and so it was created.

Grace knew the significance of this. She knew that if she was to bring this message to the world, then it was important that she could show it to be true.

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