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Grace Extract

Grace Extract


‘Listen to yourself, Grace. You are telling yourself you are afraid.’

‘Afraid? What on earth are you talking about now?’ Grace was getting really irritated by the conversation.

‘I am not feeling well. Can’t you see that? I am tired; in fact I am absolutely exhausted.’ She was staring directly into the old woman’s face.

‘Now, now, Grace. What about all that love you learned about last week.’ The old lady seemed to be finding a humorous side to all of this. Grace could not see anything funny about it at all.

‘I am being serious, Grace. When you use the words I Am you are using the two most creative words in The Universe. When you use these two words, you give The Universe a message to create whatever it is you have attached to them, either positive or negative. These two words have an energy and power within them that can shape your reality.’

‘When you say I Am afraid or I Am tired, you hold your energy in the vibration of fear and tiredness, and you simply cannot get well from that vibrational frequency.’

‘Now let me see. Let’s find a positive I Am to help you.’ The old lady scurried across to her bookshelf and pulled out a book with a yellow cover and a big red love heart on the front. She opened it up as if she knew exactly the page she was looking for.

‘Here we go…. repeat after me. ‘I love and approve of myself.

I Am completely at peace with the process of life.’

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