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Clarity Through Contrast – Life

Clarity Through Contrast – Life

Okay, the next stage is to look at WHAT HAS CAUSED YOUR SHAPE (In other words – what you don’t want) and to get clear about what we do want. The shape is the effect but what is the cause?

If you go your workbook/worksheet you will see the Clarity through Contrast Process.  [Hold it up so that they can see it].

Go back to your Vision Wheel and select each area of the wheel.

For example HEALTH first:

On the Left Hand Side [LHS] of the page write everything down that is lowering your vibe in this area in other words

Everything that you don’t want for that area in this case health. We call this your CONTRAST.

For example:

  • Weight – I don’t want to be overweight
  • I don’t want to be this shape
  • I don’t want to be lazy

Now show them the screen with examples:

[Ask you client to give you some examples to check they understand.]

Keep writing your contrast in relation to each category.

Make sure they complete the [LHS] ONLY until you have covered every section.


The more contrast you have the clearer you can be. So write down as much as you can.

The more contrast you get out the better.


CHECK IN –  [Take the slide down so that you can see the client clearly].

  • How is this list making you feel?
  • Is it accurate of what is going on in your life and how you feel generally?
  • Have some dialogue here.



Remember this ?

I shared it with you in the last session we had?

What is it?

Yes a RESET button

Okay, Do you now want to RESET on all of these things you don’t want?

Remember how to do this.

 Take one thing you have written that you don’t want.

Close your eyes and ASK “So what DO I want?”

RESET and write down the opposite of this.

Continue down your list until you have a list of wants.

[Give them some examples.]


Your client will not know about I AM or I AM in the process etc yet so just allow the flow of opposites to come out.

Give your client a good amount of time to RESET and when you see that they have completed the exercise

UNSHARE the screen and feedback.


[Ask your client to slowly go through what they have written. This helps you check that they are getting it right.]

Ask in general :-

  • How is your energy when you think about what you don’t want?
  • How is your energy when you think about what you do want?
  • Can you feel the difference? 

[Talk about this – this is very powerful for clients]. [To complete this session say] – “By simply shifting our focus from what we don’t want to what we do want, we can change our thoughts, our feelings and what we ultimately create either positive or negative.”

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