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Welcome Authors

Welcome Authors

You are about to embark on a tremendous journey of self awareness and discovery because that is what I believe writing your book is.

The journey of writing and publishing ‘Grace’ my first book was not an easy one. Overcoming early hurdles and blocks, removing deep seated limiting beliefs and resetting self-doubt as I built confidence in my writing ability, all featured along the way. Finding time and the right space to create was a challenge too especially as I was growing a successful personal development business across Scotland and the UK. Throw in an active personal and family life and I think you will get the picture.

Fortunately as a scientist, as well as the creative right brain, I also have a very process orientated left brain and was therefore careful to map out exactly how I achieved each stage of my writing, self-publishing and agent success. With this experience coupled with my network of writing & publishing industry experts, I have created a step by step online course and mentoring programme that is relevant to writing and publishing irrespective of genre, audience, market or price point. 

The Key Authors and Writers Online Course has been created in a deliberate and conscious way founded on The Key Creation Process and developed to ensure that you are nurtured and supported every step of the way.

This includes your online course (which you have accessed now). This online Course contains:-

  • You will receive regular Keyemails directing you to specific Modules within the course.
  • Modules: The Programme, broken down into modules in an ordered sequence.
  • Lessons: A deeper learning of specific topics relating to each module.
  • Content Navigation – Click the Arrow on top right hand side of CONTENTS to see the drop down of all Lessons within the module.
  • Each lesson contains a mix of:
    • Video (Replays from monthly session)
    • Text Content
    • Workbooks
    • Audio
    • Additional Links to related resources and materials
  • Navigation
    • Click the module within the course home page to access each module.
    • Content Navigation – Click the Arrow on top right hand side of CONTENTS to see the drop down of all Lessons within the module.
    • Click The Key logo within the module to return to all course modules.
    • Click the arrow at top right side of each module to display all the lessons within the module.  
    • Complete – When you begin the course, you will be asked to complete each module – this will only appear on the first time you complete the module or lesson.
    • Bottom Navigation – will take you back and forward between lessons and the next module in the series.  

Please note this course will build as the programme moves forward.

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