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You are a KEY TV

You are a KEY TV

Let’s finish with some science

Here is a TV

Practice drawing The Key TV.

Just as we have shared with you, this is a great way to illustrate to your client some science behind The Key.

How does a TV work and what does it do?

A TV receives frequencies, energy, information, it converts it into a VISION.

It then broadcasts that VISION…yes?

Let’s think about some of its channels…

Different programmes are on different channels, in other words have different frequencies.

I want you to think of yourself [and your client] as a TV.

I also want you to consider everything you have UNIVERSALLY LISTENED to do today.

In groups think about this.

Discuss what this has to do with:-

  • You as a COACH?  
  • How you are being?
  • The impact you have on your client.
  • The attainment of the vision of WEALTH, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and LOVE

Take 10 minutes and then feed back. 


Some Great Answers Are:

  • You are the Key Broadcasting Station, The VISION of The Key; that people see, hear, feel and sense.
  • Different Channels have different frequencies – Think of yourself as the dial that helps your client to move up channels. [Above the line]
  • Great programmes, visions and realities exist on higher frequencies.
  • Low level frequencies and programmes create low level living.
  • High level frequencies (channels) and programmes create ‘THE HIGH LIFE’.
  • We don’t want to focus our attention on HORROR channels and worst still watch the WHOLE SERIES PLUS REPEATS!
  • The TV tells stories and dramas – What story are you tuning into?
  • If you don’t CHOOSE your OWN channel you can UNCONSCIOUSLY be PRE-PROGRAMMED to any channel or a particular channel. Sadly most people live a pre-programmed life until we UNLOCK THE KEY.
  • Tune in to The KTV – [Key TV]

There are so many analogies for life from a KEY TV – Let’s be the best channels.

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