Welcome to The Key Collectables.


The Key Collectables are a series of 19 Mini Courses that add up to The Key Online 6 week Course.

They will help you to review and recreate 8 key areas of your life. Resulting in you being crystal clear about what you don’t want, RESETTING to what you do want, writing a new life story and creating your new vision of your future.  As you move through The Key Collectables you will experience heightened awareness, deep shifts in your thinking and beliefs, you will get excited and become more confident and optimistic. Most of all you will believe in yourself, your new story and vision and be completely inspired to move forward and create it.

The Key Collectable Courses have been created in a deliberate and conscious way to ensure that The Key is easy for every learner to embrace. Through a collection of lessons complete with: video, audio, meditations, workbooks and online resources, Christine McGrory founder of The Key, promises that you will experience a catalyst – one which if applied will unlock your infinite potential for life.



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