09. The Creation Process – Step 2


Congratulations hopefully you have now completed Key collectable 8. Step 1 of The Creation Process®, Clarity Through Contrast, and you are now clearer about what it is you want for your life.

Let me ask you a question. If you want something, do you have it? If you are always in a state of ‘wanting’ will you ever have it?

The answer to this is no. ‘Wanting’ is a state of being and constantly being in a state of wanting will actually keep you away from the thing you desire.

In this Key Collectable you will learn Step 2 of The Creation Process®, which is to give your desires energy, focus and attention by changing them into powerful ‘Desire Statements’ and as such create them in your life.

This collectable includes:

  • Video presentation with Founder Christine McGrory
  • Key Philosophy Images
  • Things To do
  • Grace – The Key Book Extract





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