A question I am always asked is…

Why did you write Grace as a story? What a great question! As you now know, everything we do at The Key is deliberate and conscious and choosing to write Grace was a very deliberate and conscious choice.

The main reason is that I am so aware of the creative power of stories. This should now be obvious to you too.

If the thoughts you think are creative, the words you choose are creative, the feelings you have are creative, then a story is simply pulling all of these creative resources together to create a new story.

This Online Course includes:

  • – Insightful video presentations by Christine McGrory, Founder and scientist.
  • – The Power of words and stories.
  • – The science and energy behind story.
  • – Creating your own story.
  • – How Christine created amazing things BY writing them into her book.
  • – Memories as story
  • – Things to do
  • – A PDF Workbook Booklet.
  • – Extract from Grace – THE KEY BOOK.
  • – Links to other relevant sources of information.






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