01 Key Coach Online Course





Key coaching trains and empowers coaches to deliver The Key Creation Process, Key Philosophies and a unique Co-Creative Key Coaching Approach.

Developed and delivered by Christine and Megan McGrory, this series of courses trains you to facilitate ONLINE* ‘ONE TO ONE’ COACHING SESSIONS similar to those that have transformed the lives of thousands of people across the UK and Internationally.

The Key Coaching Programmes combine Christine and Megan’s wisdom, experience, expertise and skills as well as industry standard coaching theories, competencies and International standards.

As a Coach, embodying this Key mindset and by sharing The Key® Coaching Approach*, you can directly help unlock dreams and drive real personal change for people connected to you.

There is no better purpose than this. 

This Online Course is Part of The 6 Month Key Coaching Programme and contains the replays of LIVE sessions, Q&A Key Curriculum Materials, Key Coach Resources, Work Books , E-Books Etc. It is included when you enrol to BECOME A KEY COACH.


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