02 The Unlock®Programme


The Unlock Programme is an exciting NEW follow up [6+ months] programme for Key Coaches to deliver to their existing client’s, who love The Key® Programme delivered by a certified key Coach [YOU] and they don’t want to stop!

Building on what clients’ have experienced during ‘The Key Programme’ coached by a certified Key Coach®; the client will experience a deeper dive into their life with bespoke sessions* on:

– Love and Relationships
– Health with a spiritual focus
– Wealth
– Career

and much more in development.





  • – Introductory and set up call with Founder – Christine McGrory
  • – Online Course [Plus Updates]
  • – Key Coach Conversations
  • – Client Workbook Online Course
  • – Client Follow Up Emails
  • – Coach session slides
  • – Sales and Pricing Strategy


  • This is a programme available to Certified Key Coaches only.
  • *Discount available for coaches who have subscribed to Key Coach Plus for a minimum of 5 months.


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