The Key® is an inspired course which is now available online delivered by Founder, Christine Friel McGrory.

The Key teaches you The Creation Process® which is “the know how” and “how to” behind creating anything you could dream of being, doing or having in your life.

Here is how The Key works… By THINKING about what it is you DESIRE (your vision, your purpose, your intentions) and creating a space to work through the course online modules, you will give your desires the ENERGY, FOCUS & ATTENTION required to set in motion one of the most powerful laws in The Universe, CREATION.

It sounds simple but don’t take our word for it. Instead BELIEVE the thousands of people who have experienced The Key since its launch in March 2010.

Module by module this powerful Key Online Course introduces you to The Key Philosophies and when applied, are guaranteed to help you harness everything you need to:

–  Get crystal clear about what you would like to have, experience and BE in your life.
–  Unlock® and remove negative and limiting beliefs that stop you creating.
–  RESET® and create a powerful set of intentions for your health, wealth and happiness.

–  Create an unshakeable belief in you, your goals and ambitions.
–  Create a clear, focused and believable plan for every area of your life.
–  Have fun designing your own Key VisionBoard® with your exciting envisioned future.
–  Be revitalised, energised, confident and ready to move forward and achieve your desires.
–  Connect with like-minded people to help propel you forward at light speed.


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