What you are about to read and experience has been described as ‘more powerful and explosive than dynamite!’

This book will have a profound and significant effect on your life, if only you will read and accept its ideas as true.

The Seven Day Mind Detox presents a simple but powerful process that will assist you to unlock negative and limiting; ideas, thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back most of your life.

The book presents the reality that by removing all negative thinking, speaking and observations over a seven day period, we can fundamentally change our experience of life. This idea is not a new one and is a modern day take on ‘The Three Monkeys’; hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The book takes this proverb to the next level by revealing the positive fruits of the practice of it.

Christine Friel McGrory wrote the book in 2018 after noticing the same repetitive situations, experiences and types of people, having a negative effect on her life.

Determined not to take this pattern into the next decade, she authored ‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’. The book is now having a profound effect on many others who have read and implemented its wisdom.

In this course you will:

  • – Review negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs which are holding you back in your life.
  • – Remove negative and recurring thought patterns which have caused you pain.

You will receive:

  • – The inspiration behind the book.
  • – The Key to The Seven Day Mind Detox.
  • – The Seven Day Mind Detox E-Book.
  • – The Seven Day Mind Detox Audio Book.
  • – The Seven Day Mind Detox Companion Workbook.
  • – The Seven Day Mind Detox Challenge.

The idea of reviewing and renewing the mind is not a new one. One of my favourite book extracts, which I often quote often at The Key is a piece by Neville which states:

“To be transformed, the whole basis of your thoughts must change. But your thoughts cannot change unless you have new ideas, for you think from your ideas. All transformation begins with an intense, burning desire to be transformed. The first step in the “renewing of the mind” is desire. You must want to be different [and intend to be] before you can begin to change yourself.”



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