08 The Key Introductory Course


There is a creative process at work every day. It is genius and infallible.
It is the way by which all things are created.
However, most people are unaware of it.
They are using it, yes. But they are using it unconsciously, and as a result, they are creating things that they don’t want.
We call it The Creation Process. It is the process by which everything is created, positive or negative.
And I will teach you it, prove to you how it works, and show you how to use it consciously to create the life, the experiences, the things, the feelings, the you, that you desire.

In this Introductory Key Online Course delivered by Key Founder Christine McGrory;  you will begin to get clear about what you want to create, understand the role you play in creating it, and begin to Unlock this 3-step Creation Process. We will explore energy and vibration and how you create by using these – positively or negatively, consciously or not. And you will discover how your beliefs create your whole world, and how you can change them.

This Online Course contains 9 mini lessons which will give you the foundations of The Key.




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