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Above and Below The Line

Above and Below The Line

Let us share something important with you about The Keys positioning.

The best way to do it is DRAW it.

We call this ABOVE & BELOW THE LINE.

Here is the line.

ABOVE THE LINE is positive / below the line is negative.

Above the line is LEVEL 2/ 3/ 4

Below is Level 1

Your clients are likely to be on or just below the line – X 

The deeper rooted their issue or the longer it has gone on – the further they are below the line (this can lead to all sorts of problems including and most likely ill health).

The Key and you as a Key Coach, will move them nearer and nearer to the line, over it and onwards.

We call this the shift. As you progress and they progress to Master Key, they travel and move to destinations 3 & 4.

This is important to understand for many reasons:-

  • It can help you to explain you as a cataylst for shift.
  • The Key Journey for a client.
  • Where you are best places to get involved.

We believe that as a Universal Modality The Key is well places to lift people from below the line.

If someone is way below the line for example serious illness, addiction, terminal illness, lifelong depression, suicidal tendencies etc. then you may not be the initial solution. This is where expert help in specialists’ areas might be required. There are many experts better placed to lift people from deep rooted issues. We can often get involved when the client has worked with specialists and gotten themselves to a place just below the line.

Our expertise is The Key. That is our position. And all our solutions are based on Key Principles.

The Key simply speeds up time.

The time it takes to get to the ultimate destination of wealth, health, happiness and love.     

This is why The Key is an Aspirational solution and support.

Because everything we share and remind is positive.

We never give negative or fear-based analogies, approaches or stories to our clients to help them shift.

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