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Think about your emotional guidance system or your personal tom tom. If you want to create happiness what energy or vibe do you have to be giving out? Happiness …YES, the vibe of happiness!

If you want to create or attract love into your life what vibe do you need to be sending out? Love  ….YES, the vibe of love!

Okay, if that is true then if you want to create abundance which is wealth into your life, what energy or vibration do you need to be sending out?

ABUNDANCE … YES. You need to be sending the vibe of abundance, which is wealth.

It’s so simple isn’t it? But most people spend their energy, focus and attention on lack and expect to attract and create wealth!

You see, wealth and abundance has nothing to do with money in the bank.

Wealth and abundance is a thought that creates a feeling and once you understand this and do things deliberately using The Creation Process®, the money and abundance will come.

You can choose to be abundant; wealth is a choice.

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