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Attracting A Client Case Study

Attracting A Client Case Study

As a key part of your programme we have asked that you ATTRACT A KEY CLIENT CASE STUDY. How exciting! This assignment will take you quantum as it will give you the opportunity to ‘ATTRACT’ a CASE STUDY CLIENT giving you the opportunity for REAL practice using KEY PHILOSOPHIES TO CREATE this opportunity for yourself.

In this module you will discover the what, how and why of this assignment plus step by step lessons to guide you to success in attracting a client and starting them on their Key programme Journey.

Before undertaking the assignment of ATTRACTING A CLIENT CASE STUDY please watch the full video above and also refer to the following modules.

MODULE 21A (&B) – THE KEY PROGRAMME – CLIENT JOURNEY – https://unlock-the-key.co.uk/module/21-the-key-coaching-journey/

MODULE 23A – CLIENT VIDEO CASE STUDY – WITH MEGAN MCGRORY – https://unlock-the-key.co.uk/module/23-case-study-2/

WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU TO RECORD EVERY SESSION with the journey beginning with:-

  1. Magical Conversation No3. – Opening Client Session
  2. The Discovery Process.
  3. Awareness
  4. So on and on through each session and Key programme Journey.

The above video will STEP BY STEP guide you through the whole process including:

  1. Create a space in your busy work schedule for them – how much time can you allocate to them?

2. Set an intention attract ONE (1) IDEAL CLIENT to start your process.

3. VISUALISE them and write a DESIRE STATEMENT about who and how they will be in the process.

4. Create a great communication using a Key Philosophy that you can use to find them, you can use our examples below, create your own or even do a video? See next lesson for advert template.

5. If you prefer you can also have a conversation with a connection.

6. Connect / Comment with everyone who responds to your post.

7. If the person is new to you, get their number and give the a quick call. Find out who they are? What is there interest in The Key? and why they would love to to the programme as your client case study. This is a quick call to connect NOT The Discovery Process.

7. Choose an IDEAL client who ‘feels right at this stage’. [A friend might be too close too you to give you a real practice experience.]

8. Essential Criteria of an IDEAL CLIENT – It is an essential criteria the your prospective client WILL ALLOW YOU TO VIDEO RECORD THE SESSIONS/JOURNEY. You should inform them of this but reassure them that all information is secure and will only be shared with your trainer.

9. START A LIST of everyone who responds by collecting their information VIA private messenger. *Keeping sensitive information safe. Download the List Example Template below.

10. As PART of your final Review/ Assessment for Qualification and Certification you will require you to have submitted a minimum of 6 Client Session Videos for review. Your assessor may ask for more if it is necessary for your development.

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