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Grace Extract

Grace Extract


Grace nodded. ‘Yes, I wake up every morning and go to bed every night with a head full of chatter; things to do, things not done, and things I shouldn’t have done!’ She felt anxious and exhausted just talking about it. ‘It’s painful, but I don’t know how to stop it happening.’
‘Here, sit on this’ and the old lady threw a round purple and gold silk cushion onto the floor. It looked Indian, embroidered with gold threads and dazzling with rainbow mirrored sequins.
The old lady then walked over to an antique record player and pulled a shiny black vinyl record from a faded cardboard sleeve. She carefully placed it on the turntable and Grace could hear the sound of the needle as it traced the grooves. The record crackled in a comforting, nostalgic way.
The old lady threw another cushion on the floor and sat down cross-legged.
‘We’re going to meditate’ she said.
Okay, thought Grace, bemused, I’ll just go with this, and
following the old lady’s lead, sat on her cushion and crossed her legs too.
She closed her eyes and attempted to empty the rubbish from her head. Grace struggled at first as silly, random and totally mundane thoughts drifted in and out. She noticed how repetitive they were.
Grace listened to the rhythmic, pulsing music. The music touched her. Although her eyes were closed, she imagined that she could see and feel the individual notes dancing around the room in a carefully co-ordinated sequence. She seemed to be absorbing their vibration as they moved through her. She was relaxed and at peace; she felt free.
Grace found herself rising. Up and up she went, floating higher and higher towards outer space. She circled around the planets, close enough to touch the stars. It was so peaceful and such an incredibly beautiful feeling. She wanted to stay there forever.
As the music stopped, Grace knew that she must return, and did so reluctantly. Slowly she opened her eyes.
The old lady was holding a small Tibetan singing bowl made from what looked like a copper or nickel alloy. It had symbols embossed lightly on the inside. She began to run a wooden stick around the rim and as she did so, the bowl came to life. The tiny high pitched vibration grew and grew until it sounded like a choir of angels that had been summoned to sing from inside the bowl.
The Grace extract has been isolated from the Introduction Video to enable you to access and be inspired daily.
The Key is to meditate every day.

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