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Grace Extract

Grace Extract


She began to scribble notes in “The Book.”

I was exhausted with life. I was stressed and had no energy for anything other than work. I was caught on the treadmill and unable to jump off. I was completely disconnected from my community, my colleagues, my family, myself. I had no awareness at all that I may have been responsible for what was happening in my life or what I was creating.

I belonged to nothing and nowhere. Yet I longed to. I longed to know my purpose. My heart’s desire. But I never knew that is what I longed for.

I was angry. Angry at them. But now I know that just hurt me. I forgave and I was forgiven.

I Am awake now. I believe the awakening began when I met her. She awakened me. She taught me what life was really about. She taught me about the creative power that is life. That is me. She taught me to see life through rose coloured glasses or “goggles” even!

Now I feel happy for no apparent reason, just like the old lady looked when I first met her. I Am energised, light and alive. I want to laugh and sing and dance all day long. I Am free.

For the first time in my life I know I belong. Not to a club, group, or a Facebook page; but to a Universe that is intelligent, alive and abundant. A Universe that I believe has my best interests at heart. I am connected to people, animals, plants and Mother Nature. I am part of a miraculous living breathing planet. I Am unique and I have a purpose. My life has meaning. I have something valuable to contribute. I Am a Creator.

Her pen flowed effortlessly with these words. Words that she could never have expressed before meeting the old lady. The words seemed to be writing themselves through her. It was as if she was simply an observer or a conduit for every word that seemingly wrote itself onto the page of “The Book.”

Her thoughts shifted to the old lady; this beautiful, graceful, wise, quirky, dynamic little scientist. Grace truly loved her and she knew that the old lady loved her too. The old lady had taught her so much. But why? Why her? Why had the old lady chosen her? Why was she the recipient of such incredible knowledge and timeless wisdom?’

Grace was so grateful for her teacher and instinctively wrote a thank you note in “The Book.”

A whole hearted thankyou for being my inspired teacher. I Am infinitely grateful for you being in my life. I have learned so much. You told me I was ready and I was. Thank you for your guidance and insight. Thank you for showing me the way. I have such a clear sense of bigger things to come. Thank you. I love you.

It felt good to write it and as she did, the energy of appreciation amplified a million times. Gratitude shot through her body like an electrical current. She was amazed at how such a simple act had the potential to change her moment, her day and her world.

Grace knew life could never go back to what it once was and she wrote down and affirmed the words.

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