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‘Allowing’, means to ‘make peace’ with ALL things, including what other people do.

Let’s look at the definition of the word ALLOW: al·low (verb)

  • To give permission for something to happen or somebody to do something, or take no action or make no rule to prevent it.
  • To let somebody or something enter or be present in a place.
  • To let somebody or yourself have something, often a benefit or pleasure of some kind.

When used in the context of The Key and Creation, the word ‘ALLOWING’ means forgiving and is an overall state of allowing (letting) everything to be okay exactly as IT IS.
It means:-

  • Allowing yourself to be happy with yourself.
  • Allowing other people to make a different choice to the one you might make.
  • Allowing yourself to love your children, your friends, your family  – even if they don’t do what you want/think they should.
  • Allowing yourself to see beauty and find small pockets of comfort, even if there is pain around you.
  • Allowing other people to make their own choices (and live out the consequential experience of those choices) for themselves, knowing that your guidance is for you and only they can create for them.

In other words, doing whatever I can to let life, other people, and all situations be as they are – no matter how challenging that may be…that is Allowing.

This can take some work, and practice, because it is very hard not to have strong feelings for and about people and situations that hurt us.

When someone does something that I feel is negative towards me, I remind myself:

  • It is not something I can change or control.
  • The situation does not affect me unless I choose to focus on it.
  • It is none of my business.
  • The only thing I can do is to send LOVE and ASK for the highest good for all.

Life is greater than we can ever understand, and if we let ourselves get caught up in what might be considered a negative situation, then the only vibration we are sending out is “negative” and the only person it affects is ourselves.

If I allow myself to get caught up in negative experiences then I know that the amplification of this energy disturbs my own vibration and what I am trying to create for myself. The only way is to imagine people who affect me as happy, healthy and whole. If I can believe this then I am doing something to support them and doing wonders for my own vibration. The best I can do is to imagine all people and situations as I would like them to be and know that it is in the process of being created.


I Forgive. I Let Go. I trust.

Letting go brings peace and freedom. I am free to release any resentment or unforgiveness. As I let go, I allow my magical life to work out all situations. When I let go, I let my inner wisdom be my guide. I let go of the need to control or solve problems. I become curious at the way life is forever moving in the direction of my highest good. All is well. Everything is always working out for the best for everyone. Knowing that all is well, I find peace.

Forgiveness is interchangeable with allowing.

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