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Science and Love

Science and Love

You now understand that we are energy. Yes?

You have discovered that at a quantum level we are just a big energy soup. This energy is unlimited and is pure creative potential.

If we take this energy and start to compress it down and down, it creates form.

This is The Creation Process® – from energy, thought and feeling to form, matter and our reality.

‘YOU’ were, at one time, this energy. A spirit of pure creative potential just waiting to be created into form.  If we reverse engineer The Creation Process® above, we see that by just releasing and allowing you to relax and be energised, we discover that there are other energy levels that constitute your makeup.  When we ‘unlock’ the energy of our physical form, expanding our energy, we see and feel the next levels of energy… which is our emotions, thoughts etc. Our thoughts and feelings have a different frequency to physical form. Knowing this means that you can begin to see that it is easier to change your thoughts and emotions, than to try and change your physical world or self.

We are energetic beings with multi levels of energy or consciousness. When we energise, we have the potential to connect with the highest level of energy, frequency and consciousness which is Creation.

When we have limiting thoughts, we create the negative energy of fear. Fear is the most powerful negative energy. This fearful vibration interferes or disturbs our natural abundant creative energy and sets up localised energy disturbances. These disturbances stop us from:

  • Connecting with the universal energy of all possibility.
  • Our natural intuition and creativity.
  • Even healing.

This is proof that we, ourselves sabotage, block and dis-allow ourselves to grow, thrive and create.

The good news is that there is a very simple way to change all this negativity. It is a key discovery that can dissolve the need for constantly: –

  • Blaming yourself
  • Working on yourself
  • Changing yourself
  • Trying to work it all out
  • Thinking you are not enough
  • Thinking you are not worthy
  • Wishing it were different

It is simple. Simply connect with the power of your heart. The electromagnetic powerhouse of your Universe.        

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