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The Discovery Process

The Discovery Process

Discovery is a bit like CURIOSITY it is full of excitement and adventure and if we treat life like a DISCOVERY PROCESS, life will REVEAL itself to us. Your whole Key Coaching Journey will be a journey of DISCOVERY and this is also true for your clients.

To assist in your initial Coaching Sessions we have created The Discovery Process. The Magical Conversation No3 will lead you naturally into this process.

THE DISCOVERY PROCESS can be used as part of your first Key Coaching Session with a client, to help your client get a clearer understanding of where they are now in relation to where they wish to be.

THE DISCOVERY PROCESS form (which can be downloaded below) is for the Key coach to use only. Clients do not receive or complete this document.

This will help you:

• Begins your relationship with your client.

  • Give you a framework for a magical Key Coaching conversation

• Establish where your client is at NOW. The beginning of The Key Journey.

• Get to know them better. Help them know themselves better.

• Connect with them. Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

• Help them understand your process and how The Key Programme will help them and is the answer they have been waiting for.

• Build trust that you personally have the desire to help them achieve their dreams and desires.

• That you believe in them.

• Help establish your coaching as a series of session / programme.

• Keep a gauge on progress throughout The Key Coaching Journey.

Keep This Document Strictly Confidential.

In future lessons we will cover follow up after a client session.


Remember to keep notes to a minimum – make bullets during the session in order that you can be focused on your client. After the session beef your notes out from memory.


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