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The Inspiration Behind The Book.

The Inspiration Behind The Book.

Last year I became very aware of repetitive situations in my life which I knew were holding me back. I wanted to understand why this was happening and to change it, or as we day at The Key ‘RESET’.

Like all Key Principles, I work with them first to see the positive results and when I see value and results from them, I share them with others. This is the primary reason for creating ‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’ book, to share this powerful antidote to negativity with you.

By reading ‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’, you will receive many insights about yourself, your mind and potentially experience a powerful shift in your awareness. However, The Key and the genius of the book is for you to apply the principles and ideas that are discussed in the book. This can be revealing, as you will begin to discover unconscious thinking and behaviours that have restricted or challenged you, kept you stuck and perhaps even caused you pain.

The book comes into two parts: the first part is about why the book was created and how it works, and the second part is how to use the book in other words the instructions of ‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’.

‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’ will make you aware of yourself at a deeper level. The outcome of this is profound and you will discover that by deliberately choosing to NOT accept negative thinking and beliefs in our inner world, our external world begins to change for the better.

This is not just a great idea; it is a reality. ‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’ connects directly with the heart of the Key message which is, that our reality is created by our thinking, feelings and beliefs in other words The Key Creation Process.

By simply removing any negative thoughts and feelings over the seven days, we remove the seed of negative circumstances taking hold in our lives and as such we have the opportunity to create a new positive reality.

Download the book from below.

I also recommend that you keep a paperback version of the book with you to read daily as a distraction from external negative influences. You can purchase a paperback version here – https://tinyurl.com/r7quhpz

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