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The Power of Emotions

The Power of Emotions

The simplest way to describe The Key is ‘it’s all about vibes!’

You know when you go into a room and you can sense a strange mood or feeling?

Have you experienced that?


You receive a text and you know immediately how the other person is feeling or what mood they are in.


You meet someone in the street, and you can sense something’s wrong. You might even say that the person is giving off a bad vibe.


What about the reverse? You meet an old friend and they are giving off a positive vibe and you might even say they are ‘vibrant’!

Is this familiar?


A vibe is a mood or a feeling or emotion and the word vibe comes from a longer word. VIBRATION. In the quantum or energy world there are only two types of vibration.

Positive & Negative.


Our moods and feelings, in other words our emotions are sending out a vibration. This vibration has a connection to what I am creating and attracting in my life. This is a really important point. Your moods or feelings are giving off a vibration and this has a relationship with CREATION and what we create.


Your emotions are creative.


The Key is about creative energy and vibration. It is important to understand how and why our emotions effect what we are creating. We can learn to change our thoughts and emotions positively and as a result create positive outcomes and results in our life. That is part of what we learn at The Key.

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