‘Grace’ by Christine Friel McGrory


Every now and again a book comes along that has the potential to change your world. Grace is such a book.

Grace was exhausted and unhappy with her life; disconnected from her family, friends, work and herself, but she couldn’t understand why. Deep in her heart she longed for something else…

A seemingly chance encounter with a mysterious old lady takes Grace on an extraordinary adventure; she comes alive on a journey of self-discovery and finds that her life has meaning and purpose.

Chapter by chapter, the book blends ancient truth and science and teaches each of us how to harness the power of our Universe to create a happy and fulfilled life.

This compelling story is told in the most heart-warming, fun and creative way. Held within each page is the power to shatter outdated thinking about how life works, how we influence it, and why we are here. And most of all, Grace presents a sequence of simple, yet powerful, philosophies that will reveal to you the possibility of discovering your own unique purpose and connect you to the infinite source of love, happiness and fulfilment.

You hold in your hands a gift that when understood and applied, will change your life forever.



Christine Friel McGrory, Creator, Winner of The Global Woman Inspiration Award, TEDx Speaker, Scientist, Author, Entrepreneur, Award Winning Mentor & Trustee of her Charity – The Institute of Creation.

Widely recognised for her charm and grace, Christine has a unique ability to engage the heart. Christine is extremely grateful having been; voted one of Scotland’s most influential women by the Glasgow Herald, a finalist in The Glasgow Awards and proposed for the Glasgow Herald’s Inspiring City Awards. She was voted; Business Women Scotland’s Business Mentor of the Year and ‘The Most Promising Newcomer’ in the personal development field by The London Best You Expo.

Her transformational programmes; The Key, Unlock Mentoring, The Key to Health and Wellbeing , FOR LIFE and The Key Corporate are underpinned by a trademarked three step process known as ‘The Creation Process’ and are widely acclaimed throughout the UK as ‘Creative Genius’.

Christine’s first book, ‘Grace’ is an Amazon 5star best seller and tells the story of a young woman who is introduced to The Key and unlocks her dreams and potential with this powerful knowledge. The book has inspired people across the planet to think and dream big.

She promotes confidence, ambition and aspiration and above all she champions the growth of the individual. Of her awards Christine says ‘Working with people in all walks of life , at every level and from every sector of industry, simply reinforces my view that we are all powerhouses of potential no matter our background. Empowering and inspiring people to make change is my purpose and I am privileged for being recognised for doing something I love.’

Practising and teaching a variety of transformational leadership approaches learned from world-class teachers, with a MSc in Corporate Leadership, a BSc in Chemistry and having held Director positions in business, Christine is uniquely positioned to understand and teach the spirit and science behind both personal and business success. Her acclaimed Leadership Programme ‘Creating Leaders at Every Level’ has supported many business leaders to realise their own organisations business and leadership ambitions.

The Key Corporate – evolved from a demand from entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, business leaders and influencers who had experienced the public programme and appreciated the power of the content to, inform, impact and transform their businesses. Christine says’ Corporate Key shows teams and leaders that there is another way of operating and ‘being’. Growth, expansion and prosperity are within the grasp of every business no matter is happening in the external . Environment. Success happens from ‘within’ and The Key simply teaches the ‘know how’.

Recognised by the Queen for her work in the community and as a Trustee of her Charity, The Institute of Creation, Christine volunteers her services and her passion by delivering The Key programmes to the most challenged people, groups and communities in the country. The Institute’s work demonstrates that despite negative personal, familial or societal belief systems and conditioning, working with The Key we can create another way of being and behaving and that we can, accordingly, create a very different future.


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