The Key Story Book


This book is dedicated to The Institute of Creation, a force for good in empowering individuals to be all they can be.
We are all powerhouses of talent and potential; we need only become aware of it and believe it.
The Key is the catalyst to unlock that potential.

With Gratitude

I am immensely grateful to all of the wonderful Key people whose story contributions created this magical gem of a book. It was a true privilege to read each and every one. They made me laugh and they made me cry. They made me feel proud and they made me feel humble. I marvelled at their honesty and I marvelled at their truth. I marvelled at the journeys and the personal transformations achieved.

The Key has the power to shape, change and transform lives. The Key is an unmerited gift that everyone deserves and we are delighted that through our Charity, The Institute of Creation, we can now bring this genius creative programme to the most challenged and vulnerable in society.

Philanthropy has always been at the heart of The Key. Our ability to give of our time, our talents, our experiences and our stories is philanthropy in its purest form; and when it’s possible, to give something financially from your abundance can make a difference too. All profits from this book go directly to The Institute of Creation so that we can share the valuable experiences of others, the message, the magic and the power within that is The Key.

To all of our incredible story contributors, a massive and heartfelt thank you. Through your stories you have given the gift of hope to many others who might be in a painful place just now. Through you, they know there is a way through and a way out. You may never see, meet nor hear of them but know that your willingness to share your story has been a catalyst for change in others and for that we applaud you.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in The Key and what we do. Your belief is what got us to here from back THEN. It’s what inspires us NOW and we know with all of our hearts that it will carry us forward and into our happy and abundant futures.


Anne McIntosh

IOC Trustee

Christine’s Right Hand Woman & Trusted Friend





Established in 2015, Scottish Charity No: SC045865. The purpose of The Institute of Creation is to create a sense of belonging and to empower individuals with the resources which will enable them to live happy, healthy, abundant, purposeful and fulfilled lives.

The Institute of Creation delivers inspired and motivational programmes called The Key, The Key to Health and Well-being and The Key to Empowerment, accessible to people in the community and young people in schools.  

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