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A Curious Beginning

A Curious Beginning

Let’s begin our journey together with Curiosity. In this lesson we discuss how to talk about Curiosity to begin The Key Coaching Journey.

“Curiosity is one of our favourite Key Philosophies and the perfect place to begin any adventure – in this case your life adventure.

What happens when you are curious and become aware or conscious of The Key® and begin to work deliberately with it, you open yourself up to all sorts of amazing possibilities, in fact “probabilities”.

You will understand exactly why this is, when you have worked your way through The Key, specifically the science that underpins The Key®.

When you are curious, magical opportunities and amazing things begin to happen. Incredible synchronistic events take place and amazing people come into your life.

It’s good to be curious.”  

Christine and I use this paragraph above in so many ways with clients, as you will soon discover. In this lesson we are introducing it to you as a way to begin a clients coaching journey.

Download the document below to help you talk about curiosity. This is built into The Discovery Process which we will cover soon. So think of this as a practice run!


How else can you use curiosity in your coaching sessions?


  1. The first thing to notice about the word is it has an energy. People get immediately uplifted when you begin to talk about curiosity. You will even find that they begin to use the word regularly.
  2. In fact you will that people use KEY PHILSOPHIES in their language often, this is a great sign that your message is dropping into their sub/unconscious mind/ being.


The idea of curiosity is childlike and takes people out of their adult stuckness and into a more adventurous state. Unconsciously it reminds them of being a child when (in most cases) there were no limits to imagination.


Curiosity is the opposite of being closed down. Often in Coaching you will find that people are really closed down this can happen for many reasons. Ours is not to judge simple help them open up.  So by talking about it at the start of a coaching session you begin the opening up process.


  • Ask them would they like to experience the power of curiosity?
  • No matter what their answer is, simply ask them to open their arms really wide.
  • Observe how open they are by doing this simple task.
  • Ask them what it shows them about how open they are?
  • Ask them do they like the feeling.
  • Ask them are they open to change through the power of Key Coaching.
  • This is important as it gets commitment to change.


Congratulate them for being curious and open to the possibility of the new and for your ability to embrace the unknown; the place where all possibilities exist. Praise re-enforces great behaviour and will overcome any feelings of self-consciousness.

Go To Module 02 – Key Philosophies for more on Curiosity and how to use it to get people curious about YOU and The Key.

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