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Magical Conversation No3 – Explanation

Magical Conversation No3 – Explanation

Q. Why is this relevant to Key Coaching?

A- Key coaching is in essence a magical conversation.

To help you through your coaching we will create a number of magical conversations that can assist you coach.

In this session we are introducing you to MAGICAL CONVERSATION NO.3

Magical Conversation No3. is typically used to open up your first coaching session (online or in person) .

Magical Conversation No3 is important as it leads you nicely into THE DISCOVERY PROCESS, which is the fact finding part of your first coaching session.

Note: This conversation happens when you are in a coaching session and you have a client in front of you, this means that you can have the conversation printed out and refer to it.

It will become natural to do this.


However as you will discover later has other creative and magical purposes.

As we said Key Coaching is a magical conversation. Part of your job is simply to uplift someone to a new level of energy and vibration that is just the start. Megan and I have physically seen peoples energy rise and colour change with a magical conversation.


Print off The Magical Conversation No.3 and read it, read it again and read it. Say it out loud. Record yourself saying it. Play it back. Listen to it often. This is the best way to learn it. Once you have learned it, you will naturally adapt it to your style.

Don’t worry if it feels odd and ‘clunky’ this is natural at the start it will come through practice.

The Key to this is to know it works. It relaxes and helps your client become energised and open for your coaching session.

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