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A Week Of Gratitude

A Week Of Gratitude

Ask your client to use their GRATITUDE PDF JOURNAL and take them through these instructions. Make it personal with examples that you use.

Firstly, discuss you need to know that gratitude is quite simply saying thank you.
Gratitude works because it is one of the highest positive energy states that you can be in.
When you express gratitude, you send out a message and a vibration to the universe that you appreciate.
Creation matches your positive vibration by sending you more of what you are grateful for!
As you know, I carry my journal everywhere and use it in five powerful ways.

The Past
Each day write a little thank you for anything you are grateful for during the day.
For example: “Thank you for the sunshine on my face this morning”

The Present
Write a thank you when  you are present in the moment of now to amplify your current good vibration.

The Future
Write thank you’s in advance for things you intend to create.
For example: “Thank you for the sale of my house”

The Morning

Make time very morning to write a thank you for experiences in the past, present and future.

Bed Time

Never go to sleep without giving thanks for the day.

Now ask them to complete 1 page of their gratitude journal – and when compete ask them to read it out to you.

Now as an exercise for your next session ask them to commit to 7 Days of Gratitude using the PDF – taking notes in their gratitude of how they feel during and at the end of their 7 Days.

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