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Things to do

Things to do


Find some simple ways to GIVE. It might be your time, a kind word, a cup of tea, a flower or even hope.
With each little action make a note in your gratitude journal of how it feels and then give thanks that you are in the position to give.

As your week continues notice how you feel with each little act of love and gratitude and notice how more and more opportunities to give gratitude will be created.
At the end of the week write a full chapter in your journal on your experience and make an intention to make this practice a part of your everyday life.

I am grateful for everything I have in my life.

Close your eyes and meditate on a heart full of gratitude. Feel the energy of gratitude bubble up within you. Be with that feeling and allow it to amplify. See and feel the energy of gratitude surround you, move through you and move outwards from you.

When you give negative or ungrateful thoughts or actions, what is going to happen?

When I am ungrateful it stops the flow of abundance through me.

This is a technique I use to dissolve the negative energy of the things that I experience in my life which I don’t want.

When something happens that I am not grateful for and as a result I experience negative feelings; I give gratitude for it.

In doing this I cancel out the negative vibration of it and from that energy I can move forward, forgive and often find the beauty or blessing contained within it.

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