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Become An Author

Become An Author


The opportunity to write and self-publish my first book ‘GRACE’ has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. It has certainly been a highlight of both my personal and business careers, and it marked the completion of a vision I had held for years.

The journey of publishing Grace was not an easy one. Overcoming early hurdles and blocks, removing deep seated limiting beliefs and resetting self-doubt as I built confidence in my writing ability, all featured along the way. Finding time and the right space to create was a challenge too especially as I was growing a successful personal development business across Scotland and the UK. Throw in an active personal and family life and I think you will get the picture. All of this dissolved and paled into insignificance the day Grace arrived in Glasgow from China, miraculously the day before my celebrity book launch with 200 guests! I remember vividly the feeling of excitement and awe as I unpacked a pallet of ‘my books’ and held my precious ‘Grace’ in my hand for the first time. The sense of achievement and fulfilment in that moment has stayed with me and motivates me to move forward and beyond, every day of my life.

Grace has now sold thousands of copies both hard-copy and kindle, achieved Amazon FIVE STAR status and I regularly receive messages and photos from Grace lovers from all around the world. As an entrepreneur, being an author has helped me increase my reach, spread my message, raised my profile and created the most amazing speakers’ opportunities and connections.

My book was shortlisted for one of the most inspiring books in personal development in the UK and in November 2017, an autographed copy of Grace was gifted to 100 of the performers, presenters and winners of the European MTV awards including; Rita Ora, Dua Lipa and Stormzy. Some of my other favourite celebrities like Dolly Parton, Barbara Streisand and Eva Longoria also have their own signed copy.

Last year I was signed by the US agent of two of the most prolific authors in the spiritual arena and two of my author heroes, Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch. As a result of that signing, Grace was published by Scorpio publishers in Germany this year, a contract is in place for publication in North America and the opening of the Chinese and potentially Russian markets in 2019. For everyone who has been hounding me for what’s next, you will be delighted to know that Grace will be available in audio in July and I am in the process of writing Book 2 – ‘Faith’ with the storylines for Book 3 – ‘Hope’ and Book 4 – ‘Charity’ in my imagination.

One of the most unexpected outcomes of my book publishing experience is that Grace has sparked the ambitions of many of my readers and has inspired them to write their own book. This has been the inspiration behind

Fortunately as a scientist, as well as the creative right brain, I also have a very process orientated left brain and was therefore careful to map out exactly how I achieved each stage of my writing, self-publishing and agent success. With this experience, coupled with my network of writing and publishing industry experts, I have created a step by step retreat and mentoring programme that is relevant to writing and publishing irrespective of genre, audience, market or price point. It is a universal process which will work for every potential author and I am very excited to be in the position to share it with you.
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