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About The Book

About The Book

A gift from the infinite. Unmerited Favour. The Key to Fulfilment.

‘Grace’ by Award Winning author Christine Friel McGrory with 123 Amazon 5 star reviews is being described as “The Scottish Alchemist”.
“I am delighted with this comparison, to have my book compared to the perennial best seller by Paulo Coelho is an amazing accolade and very optimistic for the book’s success and future!”
You can see why the book might be receiving this comparison. Written as an adventure story in and around Glasgow, it includes many Scottish themes like tartan, Glasgow’s Hope Street and Tunnock’s Tea Cakes. “People just love the quirky Scottish aspects of the book and it was a joy to feature places of interest in the city that I love.” The main plot of the story takes place in “The Library” of a listed Victorian mansion built by Sir Bannatyne Stewart in the 18th century for his wife.
The author has found that people are really relating to Grace’s character which tells the story of a young woman who is exhausted with life. With no time for anything except her job, she is caught on the treadmill and unable to jump off. On the surface she has everything, but deep in her heart she longs for something else…. but she doesn’t know what. Disconnected from colleagues, family and herself, she belonged to nothing and nowhere. With no awareness that she may have been responsible for creating part, or all of what was happening to her in her life, she was unable to change.
A seemingly chance encounter with a mysterious old lady takes Grace on an extraordinary adventure. She comes alive on a journey of self-discovery and finds that her life has meaning and purpose.
Chapter by chapter, the author, Christine McGrory, a scientist and entrepreneur, blends ancient truth and science and teaches each of us how to find that most elusive of gifts -our own meaning and purpose. Above all, the book and story presents a sequence of simple yet powerful philosophies that when understood and practised have the potential to change the reader’s life forever.
“The book gave me the chance to pull together all of the current thinking around science, spirituality and positivity; hot topics in the mind, body, spirit and personal development market. I love stories, and so rather than pen the usual personal development or self-help book, I decided to write “Grace” as a story which allowed me to get some very powerful messages over in a more heart-warming, fun and creative way. I was able explain complex subjects, in particular the science, in a very simple and easy to understand fashion. Think of “Grace” as a children’s book, but instead all the magic is for the adults!”
In the book, the enigmatic old lady is a great teacher of wisdom, as well as being a scientist. With her help, Grace learns that creative power is not just for the realms of the so-called “genius”. Christine believes that each and every one of us can access this power.
“I love the idea that people will use the book as a catalyst to unlock the unlimited potential that is within them. The key question maybe is ‘How do we do that?’ I believe Grace helps people understand how.”
Christine has already been overwhelmed with positive reviews when she initially released Grace as a Kindle e-book on Amazon, and has found that it is capturing the imagination and the hearts of readers young and old. “People are finding themselves in Grace and the old lady and really connecting with the characters.”
Christine decided to self publish initially, but she also wanted to create a special hardback edition. Since then Christine has picked up the agent to Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsh and the book is now published by Scorpio in Germany.
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