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Grace – The Key Book

Grace – The Key Book

Every now and again a book comes along that has the potential to change your world. Grace is such a book.

Grace was exhausted with life. With no time for anything except her job, she was caught on the treadmill and unable to jump off. On the surface she had everything, but deep in her heart she longed for something else ….but she didn’t know what.
In reality, Grace was disconnected from colleagues, family and herself; she belonged to nothing and nowhere. With no awareness that she may have been responsible for creating part, or all of what was happening to her in her life, she was unable to change.
A synchronistic encounter with a mysterious, quirky old lady takes Grace on an extraordinary adventure; a journey that will shake her to the very core of her being. Meeting some of the greatest scientists, artists, authors and creatives who have ever lived, Grace experiences revelations of Creation, science and spirit. Grace develops an awareness that will awaken and change her perception of reality…. forever.
The enigmatic old lady is a scientist and great teacher of wisdom. Chapter by chapter, she reveals ancient truths and new science which lie behind the creative power of The Universe. Grace learns that this creative power is not just for the realms of the so-called “genius”; that each and every one of us can access this power. It is within us all.
For the first time in her life,Grace discovers that she belongsnot just to a club, a group, or a Facebook page,but to a Universe that is intelligent, alive and abundant. She discovers that her life has meaning and purpose, in a Universe that has her best interests at heart.
This powerful story is told in the most heart-warming, graceful and simple way. Inside these pages lies the power to shatter outdated thinking about how life works, how we influence it and why we are here. “Grace” is an incredible adventure which transports the reader to the infinite vastness of inner and outer space where science, spirituality and Creation meet.
Above all, this story presents a sequence of simple, yet powerful, philosophies. It willreveal to you the possibility of your own unique purpose, and connect you to the infinite source of health, love, abundance and fulfilment. You hold in your hands important learning, that when understood and practised, will change your life forever.
The book is available as:
Limited Edition Hardback Edition
German Kindle

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