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Grace Extract

Grace Extract

Grace – Chapter 14

A Mother’s Love

Grace was deeply disturbed by what she had seen. ‘Why did you show me that?’

‘I am showing you contrast, Grace.’

‘But it’s not fair. Why do some people have so much and others so little? It’s wrong.’ Grace protested.

‘We live in a relative world Grace, where one experience allows us to understand another. Neither of these scenes is right or wrong, good or bad, they just are what they are. If we didn’t know sadness we would never understand joy. If we didn’t experience poverty we would never know abundance. If we didn’t feel fear we would never know love. Without the opposite Grace, we would not be able to understand and know the thing desired.

The old lady continued ‘It’s how we respond to this that has the greatest importance. Some people are immune to humanity and its contrast. They are emotionally and spiritually disconnected and believe it has nothing to do with them. Contrast gives us a filter to sift the creative from the destructive.’

‘The real miracle is when ordinary people use these situations as a catalyst to demonstrate the glory of the human spirit and achieve the greatest feats of service and love.’

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