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Creating Your Vision Board

Creating Your Vision Board

A vision board is a simple but powerful visualisation tool to activate creation. It helps you to create your dreams into reality, by getting you to focus your attention on your desires.
To help you create your vision, think about the ideas and inspiration revealed to you as you have gone through this Key Course.
When you regularly and consistently focus your attention on the most important things for you, those things will become your reality. That is how Creation works, the things you give your energy, focus and attention to, you create.
A vision board can consist of a poster board or cork-board filled with images, pictures, drawings, words and affirmations.
A powerful vision board should be:
1.     Visual – your subconscious mind works in pictures and images; your vision board needs to be highly visual.
2. Affirming – using your I AM affirmations increases your positive and spiritual emotional response.
3. Emotional – each image (photo, drawing, cut-out) on your vision board should evoke from you a positive emotional response.

Finally, you should meditate or energise on your vision board every day to uplift you and increase your belief for achieving your desires.

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