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Grace Extract

Grace Extract

Grace Chapter 21 – Grace

‘But look at this’ the old lady stood back and proudly pointed to a brightly coloured wall that looked oddly out of place. It was completely covered from floor to ceiling with a collage of images, inspiring words, maps of the world, keys, inventions, creations, stars, pictures of countries, young people, old people, the old lady herself, clothes, houses, cars, awards, memorabilia, feathers, famous celebrities, spiritual teachers, great leaders, spiraling galaxies, space crafts, glitter, money and cheques. The list was endless! What a magnificent masterpiece thought Grace.

‘It’s my “Vision Wall”, Grace. Don’t you just love it?’ The old lady was clearly very proud of her vibrant creation.

‘Your vision what?’ said Grace astonished.

‘My “Vision Wall.” I started it many, many years ago. It was just a white painted wall back then. I decided to use it as a space to create a vision for my life.’

‘Yes, but this takes vision to a whole new level!’ said Grace and they both laughed.

‘It has helped me deliberately create all the things I desire for myself or I should say, that life desires for me!’

‘It’s amazing. I would love to create my own one’ Grace said in an excited voice. She then noticed something within the myriad of images and words. It was a book and it had her name on it.

‘What is this?’ and she pointed to the little Grace book image.

‘It’s a book I am writing. I believe it is now done.’

‘Oh that’s so exciting. Can I read it?’

‘Not exactly. Not yet. It needs to be “downloaded” first.’

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