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Most people focus the majority of their thinking on the things they don’t want. This, in the main is happening at an unconscious level when we react to events, situations, circumstances and people. It can also be commonly recognised as a worry.
A worry is simply a negative thought about something you don’t want but you are choosing to think about again and again. And guess what? Sooner or later you will prove yourself right.
The important thing here is that we can CHOOSE our thoughts, so rather than thinking about what we don’t want we have a very simple technique to CHOOSE what we do want instead.

We call this the RESET® PROCESS

Every time a negative thought or situation appears, simply imagine a giant reset button in your head, press it and ask yourself “So what do I want?”
This shifts your focus from the negative things in your life (low vibration) and moves your energy to what you really want instead.

This takes your focus and attention from the negative, and so changes the negative vibration.

It RESETS your words and thoughts to the positive which then RESETS your vibration to positive and through time and practice, resets what you are creating to positive.

The RESET® button (word and image) is a registered trademark of The Key®

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