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The Power Of Words

The Power Of Words

Negative words have a very significant effect on us.

When you make statements or have conversations containing negative words, you are giving your attention to the negative things.

Let me explain this with three of the most common negative words we use, they show up in 80% of conversations.

  1. DON’T
  2. NOT
  3. NO

When I say any of these three words, I am giving my energy, focus and attention to the negative and focusing on what I don’t want.

Think about The Creation Process® – The 2nd step in The Creation Process® is E_ _ _ _ _  F _ _ _ _ &  A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  

So, when I think and speak negatively, I am giving my energy, focus and attention to what I don’t want and creating more of the same.

Now we understand how we create or prolong negative experiences in our lives.

It is a universal law. You can’t focus on one thing and expect to get the opposite.

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