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The Creative Power of Story

The Creative Power of Story

A question I am always asked is…

Why did you write Grace as a story? What a great question! As you now know, everything we do at The Key is deliberate and conscious and choosing to write Grace was a very deliberate and conscious choice.

The main reason is that I am so aware of the creative power of stories. This should now be obvious to you too.

If the thoughts you think are creative, the words you choose are creative, the feelings you have are creative, then a story is simply pulling all of these creative resources together to create a new story.

If this is true (which it is) then we all have the power to write a new story at any time in our life. If your current life story is a horror story, then the sooner the better! When we become aware of this then it is a life changer.

I decided to experiment. Scientists love a good experiment! I decided to write 5 ‘heart desires’ into the story of Grace. Things that at the time were so far out of reach that I knew for sure, that if I created them and they happened, it could only be for one reason ‘The Creation Process’ and in particular the creative power of story.

Stories are powerful and creative and you have the exact same opportunity as I do to write an exciting, happy. fulfilled and abundant story for your life.

I have to be careful here not to spoil ‘Grace’ for you but in the final chapter of Grace – The Institute of Creation is born and this is The Key’s actual Charity which we opened officially opened November 2017.

Also in the Epilogue, Grace is invited to join the old lady on stage with her daughter and read her story to a sold out auditorium in Glasgow. Guess what in November 2017, I stood on stage with my daughter Megan at my side, reading extracts from Grace to 450 people in Glasgow’s SECC.

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