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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions have been created to ensure the integrity of The Key Brand and Business and protect The Key Coach Network. 

CONTACT The general contact email for any communications, contact and issues is create@unlock-the-key.co.uk.

KEY COACH STATUS – Key Coaches are independent, self-employed, business owners who have been trained and are certified to deliver The Key via The Key Coaching Programme. Key Coaches operate independently in association with The Key.Key Coaches are not employees, agents, contractors, or franchisees of The Key Business.The Key is not responsible for any income, salaries, PAYE, Tax, sick leave, or any other similar matters.

COACH PRACTICE / BUSINESS IDENTITY – Key Coaches should not use any Registered Trademark, Unregistered Trademark or any name similar too Registered Trademark, Unregistered Trademarks when setting up a Business Name or Identity.

KEY COACH INVESTMENT – Key Coach – Prices will be available during Pre Key Coach Training discussions. 
Payment is required in full before the programme commences (or a payment plan may be agreed) In the event of pause or termination of training, payment is due in full.  

THE KEY PRODUCT – As a Certified Coach you are permitted to deliver The Key Programme* via One to One coaching. These services are delivered on-line and on a personal one to one personal basis*.(*In keeping with any current COVID Health Mandates/ Legislation).The Key reserves the right to terminate certification on the grounds of behaviours which negatively impact The Key brand and business. * Or Master Key where certified.

CORPORATE KEY PROGRAMMES Key Coaches are not trained, qualified or certified to deliver Corporate Training, where a company or group makes a request for a group training, this enquiry should be discussed with Key Founders as to bets approach. Corporate Key Programmes will attract an agreed referral fee for Key Coach subject to any contracts being awarded. In this case The Key Coach may be invited to attend this training.

KEY COACH GEOGRAPHY – The Key Coach is an online / non geographical programme.Key Coaches will operate within their own personal and business network.

AUTHORITY Key Founders (Founders Christine and Megan McGrory) have the authority to request that a student remove themselves from a training session should they become disruptive or a distraction to the learning of the group. The Key business can revoke and remove certification should a Key Coach put The Key Brand into disrepute or at risk.

CONFIDENTIALITY Key Coaches should keep confidential all coaching and training methodologies.Key Coaches are not permitted to teach, coach, mentor or train any individual or group in Key Coach Methodologies  i.e. cannot train another person to coach The Key. Key Coach Training can only be delivered by Key Founders. Key Coaches are responsible for securing and protecting all client and business data and compliance with data protection laws. Key Coaches should keep confidential all Key materials and communications.

TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHT Key Coaches can use Key materials in keeping with Key Coach Brand Guidelines however do not own any copyright of materials. Christine and Megan McGrory own all Key Registered or Un-Registered trademarks logos and materials.Full List – https://unlock-the-key.co.uk/copyright/A Key Coach is certified to use The Key Coach logo to promote their business and designated Key Collateral.The Key Coach cannot assign the benefits of this agreement to any other party.The Key Coach is not permitted to use a business name the same or similar to The Key’s trademarked or untrademarked entities. See a list of trademarked / untrademarked / copyrighted trade names above.

Key Coaches should not use any Registered Trademark, Unregistered Trademark or any name similar too Registered Trademark, Unregistered Trademarks when setting up a Business Name or Identity.

REPUTATION The Key Coach must not make any misleading or unauthorised claims or statement in relation to The Key and it’s products and services. The Key Coach should not enter into any defamatory communication about The Key.

COMPLAINTS Any complaints regarding The Key Coach Training or support should be put in writing by email to create@unlock-the-key.co.uk.

USE OF CONTENT AND PASSING OFF. All Key content should be referenced as ‘The Key’ and not ‘passed off’ as personal or other business materials. Key contents may be used in conjunction with your own individual businesses for example fitness services but must always be referenced to The Key and not ‘passed off’ as your own personal content.  

TECHNICAL SUPPORT The Key is not responsible for general technical issues relating to Key Coaching. This includes issues relating to; the internet, devices, phone, email, operating systems such as Outlook, Microsoft, Zoom, Skype, Facebook, or any other third-party technology platform used by a coach to support the delivery of the Key Coach programme or their coaching business.The Key is responsible only for the maintenance and upkeep of The Key Online Dashboard and Key Online Courses.

BUSINESS SUPPORT is not part of the initial Key Coaching Programme. Business support and development will be featured in Key Coach Plus Monthly Support Programme post certification or during probation.

KEY COACH SIGN OFF & CERTIFICATION Key Mentors are responsible and reserve all rights for Key Coach Sign Off and Certification subject to satisfactory completion of The Key Coach Course – Attendance of 9/12 Key Coaching Sessions in the minimum requirement. A minimum of 4 Client Session Video’s will be required for review, as well as other criteria as detailed in process. A final review call will be held pre-certification. Coaches will be notified in writing with decision.

CERTIFICATION WITH CONDITIONSIn some cases we may grant certification with conditions. In this case The Key Coach will receive their Key Coach Passport but will be required to meet certain criteria with regards to their development. This may include submitting additional client case study videos for review. The Founders reserve the right to request these criteria are met and where this is not the case certification may be suspended until conditions are met. 

PAUSING, STOPPING OR TRANSFERRING KEY COACH TRAINING. Coaches who request to pause or stop Key Coach Training, should make a request in writing to create@unlock-the-key.co.uk with reasons for the changes requested. A maximum of 1 transfer to another group, may be available subject to reasons and Key Founders discretion. Where a transfer is requested, The Key Coach Training will be required to be part of The Key Coach Plus Programme and receive this service as part of the programme or if not part of the support programme, charged a £497.00 transfer fee at point of transfer. Payment in full is required in full respective of coaching status, once the programme has commenced. In these circumstances all Key Coach materials and resources will be paused and trainees will not have access to any an all Key Materials until training is resumed.

TERMINATING KEY COACH TRAINING OR CEASING PTRACTICING AS A KEY COACH. In some circumstances Key Coaches may wish to terminate their certification as a Key Coach. Founders must be notified by email to create@unlock-the-key.co.uk as to the reasons for this decision. When both Coach and Founders have agreed, the Coach Certification will be cancelled and the Coach will no longer be able to use any and all Key Materials and must immediately cease delivering any Key materials or Services. Existing clients services must cease with an appropriate explanation.

QUALITY ASSURANCE Key Coaches will be required to participate in The Key’s Quality Assurance Programme on an annual or otherwise designated time frame. This may include The Key requesting client feedback, video evidence, testimonials, questionnaires and course content refreshers.

INSURANCE & WARRANTEES The Key accepts no responsibility for insurances in respect of the Key Coaches business. As an independent coach / business owner, you are responsible for any and all costs and legislation typical and necessary to operate any small business. The Key Coach is responsible for all costs and expenses incurred by his/her activities and indemnifies The Key against all actions, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses arising out of said activities except such as relating to the quality and fitness of the products and programmes for which The Key is responsible.

FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER When addressing financial matters in any of our documentation, literature, websites, videos, presentations or other content (hereafter referred to as “content”), we have made every effort to ensure we represent our course programmes and their ability to improve your life (or the lives of your clients) and grow your Key Coach business. However, there is no guarantee that you will get similar results or earn similar levels of earnings using any of our ideas, concepts, tools, resources, strategies or recommendations.The Key Coach must not make any misleading or unauthorised claims or statement in relation to The Key and its products and services.

TERMINATION OF ASSOCIATION The Key Coach can terminate their certification and association with The Key by arranging a discussion to outline reasons for the termination and by subsequently giving 4 weeks’ notice in writing to The Key.Termination of The Agreement prohibits The Key Coach from trading as a Key Coach. Access to all Key Coach related online resources materials will be immediately stopped.The Key can terminate this agreement immediately or on notice if:The Key Coach commits a serious breach of the agreement and / or The Key Coach does anything which is contrary to The Key’s best interests.Any notice of termination under this Agreement must be in writing and may be served or given by delivering the notice or sending it by prepaid post addressed to the party to be served at the party’s address appearing in this agreement.Payment is required in full if The Key Coach programme has been started. If a payment plan is in place then all payments are required to be paid to fulfill the contract.   

Notice of Right to Cancel Training You may cancel your Key Coach transaction without penalty or obligation within 48 hours from payment subject to training not having taken place. Participating in Key Coach training signifies completion of the transaction.To cancel, you must firstly intimate your intention by discussing it with the company and thereafter email a cancellation notice to create@unlock-the-key.co.uk within 48 hours of payment of The Key Coach Course(s).Payment is required in full if The Key Coach programme has been started. If a payment plan is in place then all payments are required to be paid to fulfill the contract.   

INCAPACITY In the event of incapacity Key Coach Certification will cease.

The Key retains the right to change and update Terms and Conditions at any point and from time to time.

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