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An example for money – ‘Money, what do I believe about you?’

  • Repeat – AREA- ‘What do I fear about you?’
  • Repeat – AREA – ‘What do I believe about you that is keeping me stuck?”
  • Now open your eyes and jot all your responses down on the LHS of the page in your workbook.
  • Do this exercise again, working on the next lowest vibration area and so on.

Now choose your most powerful limiting belief and ask yourself these 4 simple questions.

QUESTION 1 – Is it true?

  • Review your (whole) vision wheel (from your Clarity Through Contrast exercise) and review the areas in which you had low vibrations.
  • Pick one AREA– for example: finances or health or an area where you have been stuck with for some time now and can’t see how to move forward.
  • Close your eyes, breathe gently and allow yourself to relax.
  • Take a moment and think about the area you have chosen to work on.
  • Think about the things connected with that area that have lowered your vibration, have consistently gone wrong for you or cause you to have ongoing pain (either psychological or physical pain).
  • Now ASK yourself – AREA – ‘What do I fear about you?’
  • Now ASK yourself – AREA- ‘What do I believe about you?’

QUESTION 2 – Do I absolutely know that it’s true?

QUESTION 3 – How do I react, how do I feel, what happens when I choose to believe that thought?


QUESTION 4 – Who would I be without that thought? Who AM I?

Explanation of these questions:

These are a very powerful set of questions which do a number of deliberate things. They are based on ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie.

These questions are about opening to your heart, not about trying to change your thoughts. The questions allow you to go inside and wait for the deeper answers to surface.

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