The Seven Day Mind Detox Workbook By Christine McGrory



This workbook is a companion book to The Seven Day Mind Detox book.

It will assist you in making a COMMITMENT to your 7 day detox as well as helping you to become aware of any hazardous thinking or blocks that you may have that would destract you from achieving your desired results.

This workbook together with The Seven Day Mind Detox book has the potential to have a profound and significant effect on your life, if only you will read and accept the ideas presented as true.

The Seven Day Mind Detox presents a simple but powerful process that will assist you to unlock negative and limiting; ideas, thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back and causing you pain.
The book presents the reality that by removing all negative thinking, speaking and observations over a seven day period, we can fundamentally change our experience of life.
This idea is not a new one and is a modern day take on ‘The Three Monkeys – hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.”
The book takes this proverb to the next level by revealing the positive fruits of the practice of it.
Christine Friel McGrory wrote the book in 2018 after noticing the same repetitive situations, experiences and types of people, having a negative effect on her life.
Determined to stop this pattern, she authored ‘The Seven Day Mind Detox’. The book is now having a profound effect on many others who have read and implemented its wisdom.
If ever there was a time to DETOX your mind, it is NOW.


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