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A Little Test

A Little Test

The Key to anything working is understanding the basics and REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT.
How much of the fundamental principles of Creation do you remember?
At every moment including right n_ _
Everybody has a mood or a f_ _ _ _ _ _
Which causes you to send out a v_ _ _
The word vibe comes from the longer word v_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
and we learn that Creation is about this vibrational energy.
How many types of vibe are there? t _ _  
And what are they? p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
and n_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
When are you sending a vibration? a_ _ t_ _ t_ _ _ _
And how can you tell what the vibration is you are sending?
You can tell by how you are f_ _ _ _ _ _ 
So that means you are all sending out a vibration positive or negative and you will be sending this vibration either deliberately or not.
Creation is doing two things. The first thing it is doing is checking and when it finds the vibration that you’re sending, then what happens?

It matches it by giving you more of what? The s_ _ _
The same positive or negative vibrations!


I C_______________________________________________________BY ______________ __________________________________________________OR ______________________

Congratulate yourself on your amazing memory and give yourself a pat on the back. Really do it! Allow the positive vibration of celebration to resonate through you and keep this magical feeling all day long.
This week be very aware of what vibrations you are sending out and make a mental note about what happens when you keep yourself in a positive and high vibration.
Take every opportunity to celebrate your little successes. Remember small consistent positive vibes amplify to keep you on a BIG positive state of being.

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