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Grace Extract

Grace Extract

Here is what I know for sure.’ The old lady seemed to grow in size as she spoke.
‘There is a power that can reveal hidden veins of riches and uncover treasures that we can only dream of, Grace. There is a force that we can call on for a fulfilled and happy life of abundance. Our great saints and the sages of India knew of it; great leaders have known of it too, as have many of the people who have achieved remarkable things in the world. They have all demonstrated the efficacy of this true principle. And Grace, it can work for you too!’
The old lady continued. ‘Your success in life does not altogether depend on your ability or skills. More often it depends on your ability to grasp opportunities presented to you, including the knowledge of this creative power that I am sharing with you now.’
‘Opportunities in life come by Creation, not by chance. Nothing happens by accident. Everything is connected. You yourself,
either now or in the past, have created the opportunities in your life. But, like most people, you may not be aware of it.’
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