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It’s All About Vibes

It’s All About Vibes

The simplest way to describe The Key is: ‘It’s all about vibes!’
You know when you go into a room and you can sense a strange mood or feeling? Or maybe you receive a text and you know immediately how the other person is feeling or what mood they are in?
Or you meet someone in the street and you can sense something’s wrong? You might even say that the person is giving off a bad vibe.
What about the reverse?
You meet an old friend and they are giving off a really positive vibe and you might even say they are ‘vibrant’!
Is this familiar?
OK, so write this down:
A vibe is a mood or a feeling.
The word vibe comes from the word VIBRATION and  in the quantum or energy universe there are only two types of vibration: Positive and Negative.
In the next module you will learn all about Quantum Physics. The Key is about energy and vibration and there is a Science behind The Key.
The Key is based on scientific principles.
I am a scientist. I love The Science. In fact everyone who comes on The Key loves The Science.
[Please download your Workbook below]
Let’s build a list of moods or feelings that when you have them
you are giving off a negative VIBE.
[Write down your answers in your workbook]
Examples: Disappointment, loneliness, sadness, anger, hate, depression, frustration etc.
Think about moods or feelings or EMOTIONS you experience from people at home or people at work?
OK now let’s build a list of moods or feelings that when you have them you are giving off a positive VIBE.
[Write down your answers]
Love, joy, comfort, passion, excitement, gratitude, appreciation, abundance, gratitude etc.
Can you feel the difference in the energy between these two lists?
These list are your Emotional Guidance Scale.
At The Key we call it your personal TOM TOM.
It tells you HOW you are FEELING.
It means that your moods or FEELINGS OR EMOTIONS ARE GIVING OFF A VIBRATION and this vibration has a relationship with The Key and Creation…
This is a really important point.
Your moods or feelings are giving off a vibration and
this has a relationship with CREATION and what we create.
When you truly understand The Key Philosophy –

then you know that because you are always having moods and feelings and giving your attention to them then you are creating in your life. But it is either positive or negative.
In other words YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE!
In the next lesson you will learn the powerful CREATION PROCESS which will ensure that you always CREATE positive things in your life.

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